I am a self taught artist from Jacksonville, Florida.  I'm not an artist by profession, but art is definitely my passion.  Ask me why I don't practice art for a living and I'll tell you - there was a reason the phrase 'starving artist' was coined.  As a child I began with tracing paper.  I traced comics and just about anything I could put a sheet of tracing paper over.  From there, I would draw comics for countless hours and create caricatures of anyone I'd would see.  My friends from college will tell you that I provided them many moments of laughter drawing my instructors when I should have been paying attention!  I moved on to drawing graphite pencil portraits including commissions for family portraits, pets, houses, and even cars and motorcycles.  Playing around and reading a book one day, I realized my talent for colored pencil portraits.  The discovery didn't stop there...soon I was airbrushing motorcycles, cars, helmets...even scuba tanks!   I haven't stopped long enough to pick up a paint brush, but I have no doubt I'll pick that up pretty quick too.  My next adventure is tattoo art.

I have many favorite artists.  From painters and cartoonists such as classical painter Itzchak Tarkay and Mad Magazine veteran Sam Viviano to modern painters and airbrush artists such as Charles Lee and (probably the greatest photorealism airbrush artist) Dru Blair...I draw inspiration from hundreds more.  There are many great talents in the realm of art and I'm just fortunate to be given such a gift from God.

My mediums of choice are graphite pencil, colored pencil, and the airbrush.

I am a featured artist in the Platte Productions book, Amazing Pencil Portraits.  I'm also one of thousands of talented artists highlighted on

Currently, I use any graphite or charcoal pencil I can get my hands on, Prisma-Color color pencils, and Iwata airbrushes.

Browse the gallery and look at my years of talent!  Oh, and contact me to have your imaginative ideas put onto canvas for you...go ahead, you know you want to.'s okay.

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