Every piece of art, unless copied, is unique.  Even copied art is unique in that it's not the same as the original.  Therefore, every price for a piece of art is different and unique.  It would be unfair to both of us if I were to put one price on every piece of art - be it an airbrushed motorcycle tank or a 11 x 14 graphite portrait.  Size, detail, number of subjects, number of colors...these are all factors to an equation that is not universal.

Below are *base* prices I charge for my artwork.  That means that they could never go *lower* than that price.  This is a baseline - a starting point - as to how much your piece will cost.  Everyone, including me, has an interpretation of the value of art.  So, I work from a baseline and negotiate from there.  This way, I get value for the work I do, and you get a price you can live with.

Graphite Pencil
8 x 10    $60
9 x 12    $90
11 x 14  $125
14 x 17  $160
19 x 24  $200

Colored Pencil
8 x 10    $110
9 x 12    $125
11 x 14  $175
14 x 17  $240
19 x 24  $325

(this includes automotive, portraiture, and wall murals)
Prices vary and are negotiable.  I charge the standard going labor rate which is about $42/hour.  So, if you want a ball park, guess how many hours you think a talented artist could do what you are asking and multiply that times 42.  Don't be alarmed though, I might be able to work faster than you think.  Conversely, I can't airbrush a medieval battle scene on a motorcycle tank in a half an hour!

If the prices don't scare you, maybe you're ready to hire me.  Check out the Commission Me page for details.  Or if you're ready to commission me, visit the Contact Glen page.  I look forward to hearing from you and working with you!

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