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My new project...The Dangerous Toys Bronco.  Steve Oakes with OE Autobody in Dalmatia, PA had an old Ford Bronco that he wanted to fix up.  The top 1/3 of the Bronco, including the hood, will be glossy black.  The bottom 2/3 will be painted with Truck Bed Liner Paint.  On the hood, he wanted the Dangerous Toys clown.  Once the pieces are all put back together, I will be painting realistic flames on the hood and along the side panels.

This first picture is off the general layout I did.  I very lightly sketched the outline of what I wanted with a small Sharpie.  I then laid out the arms and face.  I knew I wanted blue on the arms and red in the hair; so instead of laying everything out in white and then come back with blue, I did the blue first and then laid out the hair for later.

Here I have started in with some orange.  The face of the clown shouldn't be all white since he's sinister and probably doesn't shower much.  I've thrown some orange in the hair because the hair is not *completely* red.  So, I'm toning the color of the hair down with some orange.

Here I am adding the red.  As you can see I've finished the hair, highlighted the cheeks, nose, and the gums.  Next will be shading.

I've added some yellow to the face in a few areas.  The shirt was already blue, so by adding some Kandy Yellow to the pom-poms on the shirt, it made it green like I wanted.  Next I used yellow, orange, and red to make the wood color on the box.  Lastly, I went back over with some black to add shading and outlines.

Here is a close-up of the finished product.  Next up will be realistic flames.  The hood, front fender wells, and the front grill will all be assembled onto the Bronco so that I can start in with the realistic flames.

Check back for more updates!!